How to decorate using Tibetan Carpets

For many years Tibetan rugs were forgotten by rug aficionados, perceived as a mere copy of Chinese craft. Due to their growing popularity, designers are looking for a perfect setting that would benefit both carpet and interior it would be in. We decided to pitch in with some ideas of our own, hoping to inspire those who cannot imagine a life without a luxurious Tibetan rug.

Traditional Tibetan designs are full of vivacious colors in jewel tones. With the most popular being blue, red and yellow, some might find it challenging to find a proper decor to go with a carpet. As a rule of thumb, you should find small pieces of decoration in the similar hue to your carpet. You might be tempted to gather as many colorful objects as possible but it would be much better if your carpet and occasional decor were in a coloristic minority. Juxtaposing strong hues with calmer ones is a great idea, as your senses won’t be overwhelmed.

Another characteristic feature of Tibetan rugs is their richness of patterns. From classic symbols such as dragons and flowers to a complex geometric composition, everyone is bound to find a carpet to suit their tastes. However, putting different patterns together is not an easy task for an amateur decorator. You can let your carpet be the only patterned piece in your interior… Or risk it all! If you want to put together two different patterns, it might be a good idea to look for similar colors. This will make the contrast between them seem a lot less harsh and bring harmony to chaos.

When it comes to the particular styles, Tibetan carpets can be extremely flexible. Ethnic or Asia-inspired interiors will benefit from them the most. However, modern rooms and lofts decorated with Tibetan carpets can gain more warmth and coziness that can otherwise be difficult to achieve.

Nowadays more and more people finally see through false myths surrounding Tibetan rugs. By freely appreciating the elegant beauty of those unique pieces of weaving art we can help to promote the culture of this wonderful country… And make our houses even more beautiful!

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